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Landlord Insurance For Tenants

Homelessness is an obstacle to health and economic success for many in the Lamoille Valley. Unfortunately, some individuals and families are unable to obtain stable housing due to prior evictions, damages, and unpaid rents. These individuals and families have an uphill battle before them to make up for past housing mistakes Even after they have done the work to make permanent housing a sustainable option, housing remains unreachable.  This is why we are reviving the LIFT program fund.  This fund is meant to complement the good work already being done by Lamoille County organizations to end homelessness and provide an additional resource to our community members

The LIFT program fund creates a safety net for landlords and encourages them to rent to “high-risk tenants” by providing insurance against unpaid rent; unpaid utilities owed by the renter; damages beyond normal wear and tear beyond their security deposit.  The Landlord agrees to work with the partner agencies and tenant to resolve any issues before the eviction process is started.

LIFT renter participants are referred by UWLC or a partner organization. Renters who participate in LIFT receive an orientation and sign a participant contract which includes regular monthly check-ins with the case manager and the landlord. 

The LIFT program is based on programs in other communities that have proven effective in opening doors to households who may not otherwise be successful in obtaining housing.  The majority of communities have had few to no claims, and successfully reduced the number of evictions in their communities.

The LIFT program will be available once we have raised enough funds to cover a household.  If you would like to contribute to this restricted fund, please make a note with your gift as to what portion you would like to contribute.   We are also looking for landlord partners who would like to participate.  Please contact Ellen Hill at or 802.888.3252 for more information on how the LIFT program works.