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Who We Are

Our Mission

Mission:  To advocate for the health, education and financial stability of Lamoille County individuals and families.

 The United Way empowers Lamoille County residents to be self-sufficient through health, education, and financial stability, creating a stronger community. 

UWLC will promote, create, or support effective efforts in:

  1. Housing, renter readiness and homelessness prevention and solutions
  2. Addiction, including substance misuse, prevention and recovery.
  3. Transportation,
  4. Life Skills Education, including financial education, work readiness, health insurance navigation.

To develop this 3-year focus, staff and board reviewed information through committee work, volunteerism and intake data compiled from our direct services, and prioritized issues that:

  1. have a strong impact on the mission
  2. are not adequately addressed through other efforts in the community,
  3. have a strong impact on individuals and families, and
  4. have a strong impact on community (or a systemic) level.