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Who We Are

Relationship with United Way Worldwide

  • What IS the United Way of Lamoille County (UWLC)?

    The United Way of Lamoille County is a non-profit organization providing support services to the community. We work to improve the lives of local residents by raising funds for other local non-profits and, when necessary, developing and operating our own programs when a need is identified. We work with local partners to make lasting community changes by finding solutions to existing problems. UWLC is governed by a LOCAL, volunteer Board of Directors, who ensure that the organization is run efficiently and effectively. 100% of all donations stay right here in Lamoille County.

  • Is UWLC a National or Local Organization?

    LOCAL!!! UWLC is a separate and autonomous organization from United Way Worldwide (UWW). We pay 1% of our annual campaign in dues to UWW, but these dues do not come from donations. Payment of dues comes from interest earned on our accounts and fees earned through grant writing and administrative services. Membership in UWW provides us with important cost-saving measures such as payment to attend out-of-state conferences, staff training, community research information, campaign products, free NFL advertising and ongoing consultation.

  • Where Does My Local Contribution Go?

    100% of your donation stays right here in Lamoille County and is used to support local programs (including several of our own) that have been identified through community data as meeting a critical need in the areas of Health, Education and Income. Priority is given to programs that empower people and lead them down a path of self-sufficiency.

  • Who Decides How UWLC Funds Are Used?

    Our Community Investment Committee (CIC), comprised of both board and community members, makes the decisions on how funds are distributed. All funded programs must meet our identified priorities in the areas of Health, Education and Income.

    If you are interested in serving on our CIC, please contact our office at 888-3252.

  • What Else Does UWLC Do Besides Raise Money?

    We serve as a valuable community resource and are often the first place people call when they need help. We coordinate countywide projects like the annual Food Drive, the Firewood Project, the Ramp Project, the Prescription Discount program, the CARE program, New Foundations (a transitional housing program for single parent families), HOPE program, Shoveling for Seniors and several more.

    We also raise money to support programs (run by other local agencies) that meet our identified priority areas. Priority is given to programs that empower people and lead them down a road of self-sufficiency.

  • Is my UWLC Contribution Tax Deductible?

    Yes - if you itemize your deductions.

    If you have any questions about the work of UWLC, please contact our office at 888-3252. Thank you for considering a donation!