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Working Communities Challenge

Lamoille County’s Working Communities Challenge (WCC) grant focuses on reducing the barriers to employment that weaken our economy, our community, and our businesses. This grant will strengthen the infrastructure that allows people to access our existing network of workforce resources.

Short Term Rental Survey

The Lamoille Working Communities Challenge conducted a survey of community members regarding information and beliefs regarding the growth of short term rentals in Lamoille County. We hope that our municipalities will find this report useful in beginning their community engagement process around short term rental decisions. 

Lamoille Collaboratives

Each dot below represents the collaboration of several organizations around one issue, or in some cases a category. Hover over any grey circle.

The Working Communities Challenge asks how we can create a strong, sustainable system between our organizations and collaboratives to reduce systemic barriers to employment.


Over the next three years we will increase access to the economy. To do so, we will:

  • Improve collaboration around affordable housing and amplify the efforts of existing housing partners;
  • Develop a sustainable, collaborative system for increasing access to resources;
  • Launch specific, sustainable projects that will build and formalize partnerships between businesses and community partners.
  • Gather qualitative data regarding the experience of BIPOC community members while supporting them in the work.

Our three priority areas:


  • Limiting barriers & requirements (access and eligibility)
  • County-wide approach to zoning solutions
  • Support of housing partners in increasing access to housing

Resource hubs: 

  • Enhance and sustain virtual resource hub
  • Physical resource navigation hubs
  • Embedding social services and resource navigators in accessible places 

Partnerships: formalize system for cross-sector collaboration/business-community: 

  • Certifying employers through training
  • Clear career pathways
  • Recovery Friendly Workplaces
  • Relationship building
  • Working Bridges

The Lamoille Working Communities Challenge Grant:

  • $315,000 over three years.
  • Run by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.
  • Backbone partners: United Way of Lamoille County.
  • Local core community partners: Capstone Community Action, Lamoille Housing Partnership, Lamoille Health Collaborative, Lamoille County Planning Commission, North Central Vermont Recovery Center, Jenna’s Promise, Morrisville Afterschool Program, Green Mountain Technology and Career Center, Agency of Human Services, VocRehab, Creative Workforce Solutions, Lamoille Restorative Center, Northern Vermont University, Lamoille Economic Development Corporation, Lamoille County Chamber of Commerce, VT Dept of Labor, Town of Johnson, Salvation Farms, Lamoille clergy, Golden Eagle, Laraway Youth and Family Services, and more.


Click the image to watch a WCAX report on our short term rental survey.


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Lamoille County team matches jobs with seekers


What our backbone partners have to say:

Clarissa French, co-director of United Way of Lamoille County: "The Working Communities Challenge brings a high level of coordination around pivotal issues in Lamoille County. It pulls together businesses, organizations, municipalities and individuals with the goal of systems change that has benefits on both a micro and macro level.”

Ellen Hill, co-director of United Way of Lamoille County: “WCC is a unique initiative that's addressing the most challenging problems in our region. Our cross sector collaboration is focusing on systemic barriers to a healthy community and a strong economy. We're bringing together local leaders to work in new ways to mobilize and expand economic opportunities. We aim to build stronger and more inclusive economies. There is no playbook on how to do this work; it’s complex. The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston is investing in Lamoille County and supporting local talent and vision. We’ve accomplished a lot in the first year  and we’re gaining traction. It’s exciting work!"