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The United Way of Lamoille County has a barn attached to their historic building in downtown Morrisville, VT. Through a blossoming partnership with Salvation Farms, it was identified that this space can serve a critical need in our building a stronger community if renovated. The building is of appropriate size for housing the infrastructure necessary for Salvation Farms' Lamoille Valley Gleaning program operational needs and service growth.

When repairs and renovations are completed, United Way of Lamoille County will offer this space rent free to Salvation Farms. The resulting tenant relationship will allow United Way of Lamoille County and Salvation Farms to deepen collaboration as partners, offering volunteer opportunities, healthy food to the nutritionally insecure, and hosting public events at the renovated facility. 

A centrally located storage facility, cooler, and work space will allow Salvation Farms to explore diversifying their distribution methods to include direct distribution of gleaned crops to income eligible community members through a free food share model. United Way of Lamoille County is eager to help make this program evolution a reality, made more possible by the renovation project and future tenant relationship.

Your gifts, both large and small, will help us with our efforts in Health, Education and Financial Stability in Lamoille County. Thank you in advance for your generous support that will allow us to make a difference in the lives of thousands of Lamoille County people and their families each year through this new partnership with Salvation Farms.

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