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Housing Resources

Join our list to be informed of selectboard, planning, and development meetings where housing issues are being discussed. You'll get an email when there's an opportunity to advocate for housing.

Advocate for housing

1. Sign up to get on a town-specific mailing list above.

2. Sign up for a newsletter at

Then watch for federal and state housing initiatives and calls to action including:

  • Contact Congressional representatives
  • Emails to the Governor, State representatives, and State Senators

3. Sign up for a newsletter at

Then watch for local housing initiatives and calls to action including:

  • Emails or calls to town municipal administrators and select boards.
  • Attend select board, planning commission, and development review board meetings in your community.
  • Letters to the editor of local and statewide news publications.

4. Social media awareness: 

Follow @vtaffordablehousing and @lamoillehousing for Vermont housing calls to action.


Support inclusive zoning initiatives in your community

Find out if your town has zoning and if they have updated the bylaws, because zoning:

  • provides the framework for community planning and development.
  • can plan for open spaces offset with areas of development.
  • can allow for a second dwelling on a property, such as accessory dwelling rental units.

Sign up above to get emails specific to initiatives in your town. Or contact your town to learn how to get on the Planning Commission or Development Review Board.

Join a housing organization's board of directors, volunteer, or make a donation.

Lamoille Housing Partnership

Lamoille Community House

Clarina Howard Nichols Center


Learn what town and village designations mean…

…and how that would benefit housing.

Visit Vermont’s Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD) to learn more about State Designation Programs, and how these influence downtown development, historic rehabilitation, and transportation improvements.

If your town and village are considering merging, learn what that means for housing so you can vote.


Landlords  or philanthropists who want to be part of housing solutions, contact the Housing and Homelessness Continuum of Care: 802-999-1417