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Legal Resources

Vermont Legal Help

Vermont Legal Aid and Legal Services Vermont are nonprofit law firms that offer free civil (not criminal) legal services. Their website provides an online directory of legal and know-your-rights information. You can use the online Legal Help Request form to get help, or call the legal helpline at 1-800-889-2047.

VT Legal Aid can help families remain stable with:

  • Rent, utilities, and moving
  • Mortgage and property taxes
  • Avoiding eviction
  • Food
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Health care
  • Expanded tax credit

Download a flier here with more information.


Roadmaps help Vermonters move through the steps of some common legal and benefits issues:

  • asking the court for a Relief from Abuse order
  • getting a divorce
  • getting a security deposit back on a rental unit
  • starting a small claims case, and
  • appealing when you are denied disability benefits from Social Security.

Step-by-step directions and short videos. Learn more and download a flier to post.


Lamoille Restorative Center

Lamoille Restorative Center programs that work with the justice system include:

  • Guardian ad Litem: highly trained volunteers advocate for children toward the goal of a safe and permanent home as soon as possible.
  • Re-entry Services: helping people returning to the community from prison build new relationships and find the resources they need.
  • Court Diversion: restorative justice response for youth and adults who are charged with a crime; addresses the needs of the person harmed, the community, and the person who caused the harm.
  • Pre-trial Services: support  to adults accessing necessary mental health care, substance misuse treatment, or other services during the pretrial process.

Restorative justice provides opportunities for people to right their wrongs. At Lamoille Restorative Center, par­ticipants meet with people they’ve impacted and/or other community members to ad­dress harm created and attend to the underlying causes of their behaviors. 

802-888-5871 or email Click here to learn more.

Lamoille County Child Advocacy Center

(and Lamoille County Special Investigation Unit)

Criminal investigations and victim services in response to reports of child sexual abuse, serious child physical abuse, adult sexual violence, and abuse of vulnerable adults and the elderly.



Free Legal Answers

Free help for Vermonters with civil legal questions. Click here.