New Foundations

New Foundations is a transitional housing program for single parents and their children.  The program is operated out of two buildings in downtown Morrisville.  We are able to serve six single parent families.

This strict, zero tolerance residential program is designed to help single parent families who are homeless or who constantly struggle to remain housed. 

The New Foundations program provides comprehensive case management and supportive services to single parents and your children struggling to maintain adequate housing. The overall goal is to assist you in moving toward independent living and self-sufficiency. We also work with the children to make sure they are ready for school and in quality childcare.

Participants are required to save at least 30% of their income at any time in the program while they are employed.

With hard work on the part of the program participants and 1:1 guidance from our Program Manager, the end goal of this program is permanent housing, employment to one's maximum potential, and complete self-sufficiency.

This program has been incredibly successful in helping people get out of poverty and live a life free from public assistance.  It's amazing what someone can accomplish once you take the worry of housing off the table!

Any questions about the program can be directed to Jim Curran at or by calling (802) 888-3252.


To learn more about New Foundations, please contact our office at (802) 888-3252, or browse the documents below.