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Increase in suicide rates

There has been a marked increase in Vermont deaths by suicide, as compared to the past three year average:

  • 24% increase overall (63 deaths)
  • May and June increased by five to six deaths each compared to the previous four months. 
  • 20% increase for males (53 deaths)
  • 42% increase for females (10 deaths)
  • 41% increase for people 45-64 (24 deaths)
  • 36% increase for people 65+. (16 deaths)

This is different than the past 3 years, when May and June were lower on average than the rest of the year. These are only confirmed deaths by suicide and we do not yet have data from the rest of the summer. 

Locally, there was an increase in the calls for CAMS — Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicide — and local mental health providers are experiencing a high demand for services. 

We’ve been asked to remind everyone that the entire community needs to be attentive to those around us who are struggling with day to day life.