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Information about Pfizer for 12-15 year olds

Details of FDA’s emergency use authorization of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine for children ages 12-15:

Clinical trials of the Pfizer vaccine have included 46,000 subjects:

  • This includes 2260 subjects ages 12-15:
  • 1131 were given the vaccine, 1005 completed the 2-dose series. 
  • There were 1129 assigned to placebo arm, 978 completed.
  • They were followed for 2 months after completing the 2-dose series.


  • There were 16 cases of COVID 19 among placebo subjects, and no cases among immunized subjects. 100% effective in this group.
  • Side effects were mild.
  • Only contraindications are severe allergy to any component of the vaccine, primarily polyethylene glycol (list of ingredients contained here).