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In quarantine?


Quarantine is for:

  • people who were in close contact with someone sick with COVID-19
  • Vermonters who travel out of state (except for essential purposes)
  • people with no symptoms who are visiting Vermont 
  • people who have gathered with another household

More on quarantine here.

People who have been fully vaccinated do not need to quarantine if they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or if they have traveled to or from Vermont, as long as:

  • They are fully vaccinated (have had two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine),
  • More than two weeks have passed since receiving the second dose of the vaccine,
  • They have not had any COVID-19 symptoms.

Quarantine ends after 14 days, and you must stay home away from others during quarantine. Asymptomatic people may get tested after 7 days of quarantine and end their quarantine once they get a negative COVID test.



Isolation is for those who have COVID-19, with or without symptoms. Isolation ends when all three have occurred:

  • 24 hours fever-free without fever-reducing medication
  • reduction of all other symptoms (if you had any)
  • 10 days since your positive COVID test.

Click here to learn more about the difference between quarantine and isolation. 

Errand assistance

Whether you are in quarantine or isolation, you should not be leaving your home for errands or to go to work. Both quarantine and isolation mean you need to stay home and away from other people until you are allowed out again. This means you can’t do any activities outside of your home, like going to school, work, or out to do errands or recreation. If you have to stay home, you may need help with grocery shopping or other errands. Here are some options:

Lamoille area 

  • If you can afford the additional fee and are not using 3SquaresVT, there are parts of our area where Instacart will deliver.
  • You can give your 3SquaresVT EBT card to a friend or family to shop for you.
  • If you don't have friends or family nearby, and are not a resident of one of the towns below: email Ellen Hill We will find someone to help you with errands.

Town committees that can run errands

Residents of these towns can turn to their town committees: