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Firewood Program

Because of you 69 Cords of Firewood Provided in 2016 to low income seniors, veterans and families.

Save the date Monday September 11th, 2017!   We will be holding our day of service.  Come on down to help cut, stack and deliver firewood with your friends and neighbors. The United Way of Lamoille County is excited to announce we found the wood needed to continue this project this year!  Thank you to our community for stepping up when help was needed!

Does your group want to help, but can't on 9/11.  Just email to set up a special time.  Two weeks notice requested!

This program is run in partnership between the United Way of Lamoille County and the State of Vermont.

The State of Vermont Forest, Parks and Recreation donates log length wood from the Timber Sale to the project each year.  The wood comes from trees cut on state land in and around the Lamoille County area.

On average, 125 volunteers are needed each year for this project.  These volunteers work throughout the summer processing the wood.  Many local companies give their employees time to volunteer to this project.

For more information on this project, call our office at 888-3252 or e-mail