Morrisville Alliance for Culture & Commerce partnered with the Morristown School District to develop the school’s farm to school program. Successful farm to school programs are organized around three focus areas referred to as the “3 Cs”: cafeteria, curriculum, and community. The Morristown School District has worked hard over the last several years to incorporate fresh and local food into their cafeteria services but have not been able to develop the other “Cs”.  There are two goals the Farm to School Committee has identified as imperative to beginning this process. The existing greenhouse on the Peoples Academy campus has been revived, and an organic school garden has been established that will be used in both the cafeteria and in the classroom.

Farm to School programs present increased opportunities for healthy eating and the obvious nutritional benefits that comes with that. This project also requires physical labor and activity through the creation of gardens and in the cleaning out and setting up the greenhouse. The outcomes of farm to school programs are incredibly positive including environmental benefits through decreased food waste and pollution, increased food security and positive impact on economic inequalities in local food systems, and project based/hands on learning for our students.